What If I Told You Politics Has an Internet Marketing Edge?

I’m Paul Keetch.

I don’t have any relation to the Liberal Democrat Paul Keetch. However, we both share a common interest.

Politics is the hottest issue we would ever talk about on a daily basis. When I was working in the stock market, I understood that politics also dictated the movements of investments.

In the stock market, I also realised how Internet marketing is affected by politics.

Everyday, People Are Looking For Political Issues

Some of these issues actually relate to your niche.

Most of the time, stock brokers, different industries, market prices, goods and services prices are becoming the hottest topics for many UK citizens.

Your business is definitely in one of these niches

…and I specialise in creating new leads from political sources to make them relevant to your industry.

I should know it myself. I used the same strategy to put my website endorsing my stock broker and portfolio management services online. Today, I am helping at least 50 small companies from legal, agricultural, industrial and technology markets, sourcing their new clients from politically-engaged groups to use their services.


If you need a new audience that definitely needs your help

You definitely need me.

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