Dianabol Vs Anadrol – Which Steroid is Better for Bulking

dianabol vs anadrol

Have you been working out tirelessly to achieve a similar body to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s? Or maybe just a few impressive muscle gains here and there? Whatever is the case, if you’re struggling with gaining muscles, then a sound solution is using steroids, of course.

But which one should you use? Dianabol or Anadrol? That is the question. Don’t worry, we’ll run you through exactly what these are and which one is better for you. Read on!

What are Dianabol and Anadrol?

Dianabol and Anadrol, both are anabolic steroids that are used to increase muscle mass in bodybuilding. Weightlifters and bodybuilders used these pills since the 1980s when anabolic steroids started to gain popularity.

Along with helping to build muscles, they also enhance athletic performance. Therefore, it is a good idea to take steroids if you want to increase your muscle mass quickly.

Dianabol vs Anadrol: A Comparison

The two most potent steroids, Dianabol (or Dbol) and Anadrol, both can help you gain muscles. Here’s a comparison between the two so you can choose which one is the best for you:

  • Structure

Dianabol and Anadrol are both Dihydrotestosterone (DHT.) What’s a DHT? Well, it is just another form of testosterone, the primary male sex hormone. The only difference between the two is their structural formula, because of which DHT is a very effective steroid.

You can take both of these steroids by mouth-no injections, no such hassles. Since both of these steroids are very powerful, they are the most popular amongst bodybuilders and fitness lovers.

  • Muscle Gain

The main benefit you get by using these steroids is a dramatic increase in muscle size (with regular work out sessions and a proper diet, of course.) Anadrol and Dbol are both anabolic and androgenic. This means they help build muscles and also give you extra stamina to do so.

Dbol does this by increasing levels of testosterone in your body. This hormone gives you extra strength and also helps in nitrogen retention, which eventually aids in muscle building. A study revealed that there were very significant increases in muscle size when subjects used Dbol.

Anadrol works mainly by increasing oxygen uptake through the cells in your body. This extra oxygen, in turn, makes you fatigue less and hence, helps you work out for longer sessions. This drug also helps in nitrogen retention, like Dbol. So, with a proper diet, you can be sure to gain a tremendous amount of bulk with Anadrol.Muscle Gain

  • Strength

Along with increased muscle mass, both these steroids offer extra stamina and strength. So not only will you gain muscles, but you’ll also feel more powerful for even more heavy weightlifting. It’s every bodybuilder’s dream.

So how does it give you more strength? Since they are both anabolic-androgenic steroids, they will increase oxygen uptake and increase levels of testosterone in you, making you manlier than ever. This means extra strength, increased stamina, more power, and larger muscles.

They also give you more strength through quickened metabolism. So protein is produced faster, and fat is converted into energy quicker, and hence, you get more stamina and power than you would normally.

Side Effects

steroids liver damageAs with everything, these steroids that give you superhuman strength and power also have side effects. You must be well informed of these side effects because if ignored, they can harm you pretty bad.


Most people can use Dbol easily. But if used carelessly, it can cause severe side effects. These include liver damage. Your liver will need to work extra hard to break down this substance, and if used for a long time without breaks, can lead to severe liver toxicity and even liver failure.

Dbol causes bad cholesterol to increase and raises your blood pressure as well. This puts you at risk of heart diseases. Along with this, you may experience hypertension and nausea.

The most common side effect of Dbol is water retention. This means that you will have more water weight than you need to when you could have had lean mass in its place. This makes your muscles look less defined and puffy.

But hold on, there’s more. Common side effects include acne, oily skin, and the worst, gynecomastia. Although you can easily counter gynecomastia with anti-estrogen pills, it is still an unwanted side effect that you may experience.


Anadrol is a stronger steroid than Dbol and hence, has more severe side effects. It is even more toxic for your liver, which is why you should strictly stick to your cycle and recommended dosage.

As is the case with Dbol, Anadrol also causes water retention and gynecomastia. But then again, you can combat this with anti-estrogen pills like Proviron. More common side effects also include diarrhoea, insomnia, headaches, and vomiting.

The worst and very common side effects with Anadrol are stomach aches and loss of appetite. Since you need to take extra care of your diet when bodybuilding, this can seriously affect your ability to eat the proper amount of food. Imagine your stomach hurting, especially when you know you should be eating.

These side effects are pretty common, but we don’t mean to demotivate you. Everyone’s body is different, and some people even face little to no side effects. However, if you don’t overuse these steroids and stick to the dosage, you can gain muscle mass easily and quickly without the bad that comes with these drugs.


One of the reasons why Dbol is popular amongst bodybuilders is the low price. Even though steroids, in general, are expensive, Dbol is not. You can surely complete a cycle of Dbol even if you are on a tight budget.

On the other hand, Anadrol is not twice, thrice, but around ten times more expensive than Dbol! So if you opt for Anadrol and its unusual benefits, be ready to spend an eye-watering amount of a thousand bucks, or even more!

Dianabol vs Anadrol: Which is Better?

The million-dollar question: which is better, Dianabol, or Anadrol? Honestly, the answer depends on your goals and your body type. Since Anadrol is a slightly stronger and harsher drug than Dbol, some people cannot tolerate it too well. But if you find out that you are well suited to it, then you’re lucky. You can expect quick and amazing results with Anadrol within no time.

If you cannot bear the strong side effects of Anadrol, then go for Dbol. But if you are a female bodybuilder, then Dbol is a big no for you. Dbol makes your body very manly because of its strong androgenic effect. Hence, Anadrol is the best choice for women between these two.

If cost is a concern for you, then Dbol should be your choice. It is pretty cheap and also suitable for all the newbies out there. But if you can bear the high price of Anadrol and want to try a stronger steroid after trying out others, then go for it!

Final Verdict

Choosing the best between Dbol and Anadrol is a very debatable topic. Which one is it? It is hard to say, as they both have similar benefits and side effects. But one thing is for sure, which is that you can expect fast and dramatic results with both of these steroids.

Which one is more suitable truly depends on your body. So we suggest you try out both, only using the recommended dosage and with proper diet and work out sessions. You can expect results with both the steroids, but choose the one which gives you the least negative effects, and stick to it.