Dianabol UK – Where to Buy, Benefits, Side Effects

Dianabol, also known as DBol, had its name coined after the chemical methandrostenolone that is present in it. In 1958, the company Ziegler collaborated with Ciba to make a steroid that would be a standout anabolic achievement. The new steroid came with the name of Dianabol and its active substance, methandrostenolone, work by providing help to American athletes. With better performance and results, these athletes managed to beat their Russian competitors, and soon Dianabol started a new era of anabolic steroids.

Now, however, Dianabol is one of the many banned steroids out there. It was removed from markets in 1983 by manufacturers after a lot of pressure from medical agencies. Since then, there is a ban on Dianabol in the USA, and soon after in the UK. That said, the supplement industry now produces newer formulas that are safer and offer better results for people. These are known as legal steroids, natural mixtures that contain no illegal additives. Even now, plenty of athletes still use these supplements, so in this article, we’re going to take a closer look at Dianabol and if it’s made for you!methandrostenolone

What is Dianabol?

Dianabol is a steroid that is both androgenic as well as anabolic in nature. It allows people to push their limits, significantly boost their performance and get a better physique much quicker than if they try doing these own their own. It works by increasing muscle growth and simultaneously promoting retaining nitrogen in the cells. The body is incapable of 100% protein retention in the muscles, even with the high level of protein consumed in general.

Using Dianabol helps by increasing the nitrogen concentration in cells so the body utilizes more protein more effectively. Also, it helps by making effective use of the carbs that you get in your meals. In this way, you get more energy, which makes working out faster and more efficient, and finally, you get great results! Dianabol is used orally as a pill/capsule, unlike other anabolic products that are injected.

Does it Work?

methandrostenolone pillsDianabol is a popular and commonly bought anabolic steroids. That is the fact that it acts fast, which is important for athletes, weightlifters and fitness junkies across the globe. Dianabol is able to achieve exactly what it works for and does it rapidly, so it able to provide you with stamina and strength. Ultimately, it manages to give you a lean muscle mass with better muscle tone as well!

While you can get it as a pill or an injection, Dianabol pills seem to work better as reviewed by most users. This makes sense, considering people mostly opt for Dianabol over other anabolic products for this very reason. The dosage will depend on if you’re an amateur or a professional bodybuilder. It also relies on your body mass and weight, but the average Dianabol dosage comes down to 30-50 mg a day.

For people with massive body goals, the dose could even go up to 80 mg every day. That said, this is an extreme option. Most users who are pretty exposed to steroid use know that Dianabol’s action time is pretty small, around three to five hours. That’s why it is ideal to divide your dose into tinier portions and have them each day.

Benefits of Dianabol

Dianabol Benefits

Better Performance

Dianabol boosts the body’s number of red blood cells so that more oxygen reaches the muscles. This betters the body’s performance even more. You can do more intensive workouts, and simultaneously burn more fat.

Quicker Fat Burn

Speaking of fat burn, you have to burn fat and preserve muscles when cutting. It boosts your metabolism, which makes it easier to burn fat faster. The steroid is just as efficient in fat burning for women as it is for men, due to it not being aromatizing.

Strength Without Fatigue

One of the most common reasons for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts to pick Dianabol is that it is the only steroid that boosts your strength without causing any loss of stamina in the process.buy dianabol alternative

Dianabol Cycle

One thing to note is that running a Dianabol-only cutting cycle is discouraged. Without testing, it could end up negatively affecting you. It is better to “stack’ it simultaneously with testosterone, Sustanon being one of the popular options. Dianabol is essentially a kickstarter steroid, particularly for blasting or cruising.

This is what a normal Dianabol cycle looks like: lasting one to four weeks, with 30mg every day. This is a pretty typical cycle that most people with little experience run. Other experienced people will go with 50 mg a day in a cycle that lasts one to six weeks. This is definitely a more intensive cycle, so use with caution.

Most professionals also stack Dianabol with another testosterone product called T-Enanthate. We advise you to use a cycle supporting steroid as well as a testosterone booster during a Dianabol cycle. This is definitely something that should not be overlooked since it will help keep your organs protected during a grueling cycle.

Side Effects of Dianabol

We’ve discussed the long list of benefits Dianabol provides, but you should remember that ultimately, Dianabol is a steroid that comes with its own side effects. You should be aware of these side effects before starting any cycle. While overall beneficial, it does have its fair share of health hazards. Dianabol Side Effects

Fluid Retention

This is a typical side effect that comes with using Dianabol. Your body will retain a lot of water, which leaves you with the unpleasant sensation of swelling, gas, and weakness.


Swollen breasts are one of the health issues most men are concerned with when they decide to use Dianabol

High Blood Pressure

This is a dangerous side effect that can end up being fatal. Dianabol increases the body’s blood pressure which can result in a stroke or a heart attack.

Liver Damage

Anabolic steroids are known to cause damage to the liver, also known as hepatotoxicity. The level of hepatoxicity is usually high and can lead to chronic liver disease or even cancer.

Hair Growth

This side effect is the result of testosterone use during cycles. A lot of users tend to notice rapid hair growth in different body parts with the use of this steroid.

Who Is It For?

Most beginners assume that Dianabol is all that they need for a leaner physique. However, DBol is not meant to be used without any exercise or workouts. The results won’t be the same, so you’ll have to put in the hard work at the gym as well as in the kitchen with a healthier diet.

You need to also remember that the Dianabol dosage depends upon your body’s health. If you have any liver or heart issues, this steroid carries risks for you. You should also make sure if your body mass and tone are dependent on the steroid.

Is Dianabol Legal to Buy In UK?

Unlike other countries with clear cut yes or no answers, the UK’s take on DBol is slightly complex. With regard to the UK’s Drug Misuse Act, Dianabol has a label of class C drug. This means that Dianabol is not legalized for personal use. Providing this steroid to anybody will be considered a crime.

That said, you can get legal Dianabol in the UK via prescription. Most doctors, however, aren’t too keen on recommending DBol for bodybuilding purposes since there is no medical necessity. So, Dianabol is basically legal only for medical use in the UK.

Buy Legal Dianabol Alternative – D-Bal

Legal Dianabol UK


A lot of models and bodybuilders tend to rely on steroids like Dianabol to quickly. Even when they know the associated side effects, they still use them assuming there isn’t any other option. That’s why it’s important to know other safe alternatives out there.

D-Bal by Crazy Bulk is a supplement that is promoted as a risk-free legal Dianabol substitute. It is made using plant extracts that work similarly to Dianabol. Because it has natural ingredients, the side effects are minimal.

A lot of people don’t take supplements because they think they’re bad for their health. While that may sometimes be true, getting strength simply through workouts will take longer. With a safer substitute, it is better to try legal steroids alternatives out to see if they help.legal steroids before and after


Dianabol comes with an extensive history of helping muscle growth and energy buildup. Even so, its long list of side effects has made it illegal to use the steroid nowadays. The steroid is still marketed for oral use in a lot of different places. You could get some toned abs and stronger biceps but for what? You’ll have to deal with long-term health consequences with a Dianabol cycle.

The recovery period is also hard to manage since the steroid reduces testosterone production. Ultimately, it is your decision to use steroids or not. It will get you the results you need. But most medical experts warn people against the cycle of Dianabol or other illegal steroids. It’s better to use safer alternatives like D-Bal, so make sure to check these steroids out.

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