15 Best Natural Steroids Foods for Fast Muscle and Strength Gains

Gaining muscle mass is a long and hard journey. You need every bit of boost you can get. A lot of people do not realize that their diet can have a dramatic effect on their muscle gain regime. Foods that have natural anabolic steroid properties can fast-track your muscle growth.

When it comes to muscle gain, one word pops in mind: protein. Most people resort to chicken, red meat and protein powders when there are just so many varieties of protein-rich foods. You can fix in so many different things for your daily meals and even in between meals.

Natural Steroids

Top 15 – Best Natural Steroids Foods

Beets – Generates Nitric Oxide


Nutritionists agree that beets are a power food and research has corroborated that. Beets have anabolic properties that enhance muscle growth by actually increasing your stamina and energy. The more you lift, the more muscles you will build and beets can provide you the energy to do that.

It can be taken as a pre-workout food as it reduces the level of exertion and improves your performance. It rewires your muscle for more resistance-based exercise which is ideal for muscle gain.

Greek Yogurt – Increase Blood Amino-Acid Levels

Greek-YogurtYogurt may be great for your health, but if you are trying to build up muscles, Greek yogurt is what you need. The difference between regular yogurt and Greek yogurt is that the latter lacks extra liquid and carbohydrates. This means it is rich in protein which is a building block for muscles.

There are many brands of Greek yogurts and some may have some extra ingredients too. However, what you need to look for is casein. It is a kind of milk protein that digests gradually and increases amino acid levels in your blood.

Raspberries – High Content of Anthocyanin Antioxidants

A lot of people are unaware of this, but raspberries can help build muscles in multiple ways. First of all, they are known to help with digestion and can help extract the nutrients from whatever you are consuming.

Raspberries are also very rich in fiber which is another stimulus for muscle tissue growth. Fibrous foods can eventually help tone your muscles too. Lastly, they are also rich in antioxidants that pump your brain to improve metabolism and regulate insulin. So many benefits packed in one food and besides, who doesn’t love raspberries?


CantaloupeCantaloupe is one of the very few fruits that act as a digestive carbohydrate. This is because it has a relatively low fructose level.  Even though it has a very sweet taste when fully ripe, it is not as rich in fructose as other types of melons. You should eat Cantaloupe after workouts or after waking up in the morning.

Kimchi – Improving Blood-Sugar Control

KimchiIf you love Korean food, you are in luck. The Korean staple Kimchi is going to help you gain muscles. It made from fermented napa cabbage, Korean radishes, garlic, onion and spices. Since it is fermented, it consists of good bacteria that help with nutrient absorption.

Kimchi is eaten as a side dish, and that is exactly how you should eat it as part of your protein rich meals every day. It is also low in calories so can help you lose weight as well. Kimchi can easily be found in most supermarkets or Asian markets.

Mackerel – High Omega-3 Source


Mackerel is highly rich in omega-3 and belongs to the same family as tuna. It is not just rich in omega-3 but also in zinc which aids in maintaining testosterone levels. It is known to help with inflammation caused by tough training.

Zinc is highly beneficial during your bulking cycle. It helps in raising testosterone levels which are essential for speeding up muscle growth. Most fishes are rich in zinc, but Mackerel is loaded with it.

Broccoli – Reduce Estrogen and Toxins

BroccoliYou may not have liked Broccoli as a kid but you will love it as an adult. It is a low calories food that is a staple in many popular diets. Most people consider it as a food that helps lose fat. While that is true, it is also advantageous if you are building muscles.

Broccoli can reduce estrogen in your body. It contains antioxidants and acids that clear out estrogen. This can help create a hormonal balance when you are on steroids or even when you need to kick up your testosterone levels.

Almonds – High Vitamin E and Fiber

AlmondsAlmonds are rich in fiber and contain more protein than any other nut in the world. They are also rich in Vitamin E. You can eat almonds as a snack during your bulking cycle. In fact, if you miss a meal because of work or travel, you can just eat half a cup of almonds and it will give you almost the same amount of protein.

They can complement your muscle gain diet as they are also rich in Vitamin B. You will improve your metabolism and as a result, your whole diet will be more effective.

Spinach – Glutamine and Iron

spinachYou remember Popeye and his forearms? If you have watched the famous cartoon you know all his strength and muscles came from spinach. It contains glutamine which is an amino acid essential for muscle growth. Not only does it help in muscle growth, it helps increase strength and endurance.

Spinach is also rich in iron which is another mineral vital for your health. However, for spinach to aid your muscle growth you will have to consume a lot of it.

Sardines – Omega-3

SardinesIf you are building up muscle, you must be thinking of eating more tuna. While tuna is good for increasing protein intake, sardines have even more power to give you the big muscles you are aiming for.

Sardines are easy to find and eat as they too come canned. However, unlike tuna, they usually come with extra-virgin olive oil. Sardines are rich in omega-3 fats and contain 25 times less mercury than canned tuna. There is another benefit that is particularly great for older lifters. If you are old and have difficulty lifting more, sardines are your answer.

Lentils – Slow-Digesting Carbohydrates

LentilsEverybody knows lentils are rich in protein but they are also fibrous and have slow-digesting carbohydrates. You get three different things from one food, all of which aid muscle building in your body.

The good thing about lentils is that there is some variety so you do not get bored of it quickly. Each type has a different flavor and gives you the same benefits. You can cook lentils yourself or buy canned lentil soup if you are pressed for time.

Vinegar – Natural Appetite Suppressant

VinegarVinegar is great for adding more punch to your salad. It is also great for cleaning your kitchen or bathroom. But did you know vinegar can be great for accelerating muscle growth? Yes, it can and it does so by shutting the nutrient supply to fat cells.

Studies have proven that vinegar can direct nutrients to muscles. If you take vinegar with your carbohydrates, it can convert the carbs to muscle glycogen. Make sure to add vinegar to your post-workout salads.

Quinoa – High in Fiber

QuinoaQuinoa really needs no introduction as it is a historical staple. The Peruvian Incas used to eat a lot of it so it is safe to assume they were muscular. Even though quinoa is considered a grain food, it is actually more like spinach.

Brown rice is good for adding more carbohydrates to your diet. However, if you really want to amp it up, go with quinoa. It is also richer in magnesium and zinc than brown rice. If that is not enough to convince you, know that it is also high in fiber.

Avocado – Boosts Testosterone and Growth Hormone

AvacadoFor years, people avoided eating avocados when they were in their bulking cycles. Avocadoes are rich in fat and that is why everyone thought it would be best not to have it in their diet when they are trying to gain lean muscle mass. However, with new research, the dynamic has changed and avocado is actually good for muscle gain.

They have a unique combination of nutrients mostly saturated fats that aid in the growth of muscles. If you substitute mono-saturated fats with saturated fats you change the focus of fats. Avocado is also very popular for keto diet as that diet requires foods rich in fat.

Eggs – Decrease LDL Cholesterol

eggsAsk the bodybuilders in your gym what food they ate most for bulking up and many of them will answer the same thing: eggs. Eggs are rich in protein but it is also rich in cholesterol, especially the yolks. Many people assume that this is a bad thing as consuming a lot of eggs will essentially increase their cholesterol.

Egg yolks do increase your cholesterol, however, studies have shown that they decrease LDL cholesterol too which is bad cholesterol. All in all, it is good to eat more eggs for breakfast if you are trying to muscle up. Plus, there are just so many ways you can have eggs that it makes your meal a lot more diverse and tasty.


There are so many natural steroids options you can choose to make your meals more protein intensive but also delicious. There are some foods that you can only eat as part of your meal while other you can eat almost anytime you want e.g. almonds, raspberries, and Greek yogurt.

The key to gaining lean muscle mass and gain it fast is to strike the right balance between workout and diet. If you do that, regardless of how skinny you are you will gain clean and lean muscles in no time. An added benefit is that it will set you on a path to eating healthy for the rest of your life.

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