Does DHEA Supplement Have Bodybuilding Benefits?

DHEA Supplement Benefit

DHEA (short for dehydroepiandrosterone) is an androgenic hormone found in the human body. It is produced in adrenal glands and is responsible for the formation of most of the hormones in our body. Men derive half of their testosterone from DHEA whereas women derive three-fourths of their estrogen from it.

DHEA is found abundantly in young individuals and as they grow old the levels of DHEA in the body decline. From birth till adulthood, these levels remain optimal, but after middle age, they start to decline. By the time you turn 75, DHEA levels have dropped by 80%.

The very nature of DHEA is beneficial for bodybuilders. It helps produce testosterone, and that is necessary for making muscle gains. By increasing anabolic hormones, you can effectively gain muscle mass, strength, and lose fat at the same time.

Top 3 – DHEA Supplement Benefits

Testosterone Boost in Older Men

TestosteroneDHEA is specifically great for bodybuilders over the age of 35. In fact, DHEA steroids are often exclusively targeted to the men in this age group. Testosterone levels in men start to decline in their mid-thirties. This is why bodybuilding becomes even harder for them as low levels of testosterone do not necessarily aid muscle gains.

It is also a primary hormone for sexual functions in both men and women. If you are experiencing libido problems because of age or intake of steroids, DHEA supplement can help boost your testosterone levels and get you back on track.

DHEA supplements are usually made from yam or soy. They can effectively increase your testosterone levels and give you the strength you need to lift heavier weights. Not just that, it will also boost muscle growth and you will see apparent results faster than you would without the intake of DHEA.

If you are in your thirties or even forties, the results may not be that significant as DHEA levels in your body are not that low. However, if you are above 50, then DHEA supplements will help boost testosterone levels in your body.

There have been multiple studies and researches about DHEA. Although the result of these studies only showed minimal impact, the studies were not conclusive enough about its effects on bodybuilders. Since it is derived from natural sources, it should not hurt to give it a try regardless of what stage you are on as a bodybuilder.

Muscle Growth

Muscle GrowthIf you are a bodybuilder thinking about taking DHEA, your primary concern is if it helps with muscle growth. Since it helps produce testosterone, it subsequently enables you to build bigger and leaner muscles. If you have higher testosterone levels, the weights you lift will have a better impact. You will see well cut arms and your overall body strength will improve as well.

Fat Loss

Fat LossIn the study of DHEA effects on men and women above the age of 50, a notable finding was they had less stomach fat. Not just reduced fat, their insulin function was also improved. Fat gain is another problem most men and women above thirties face. If you are getting into bodybuilding well into your forties or thirties, you will have to target your fat first. DHEA can help with fat loss and give you a better overall body form.

Things to Know Before Taking DHEA – Side Effects

DHEA is not one of those quick drugs that promise results in a matter of days. You will have to be quite patient. You may not see any results for a few weeks. However, if you keep taking it regularly alongside your workout, you will feel the change in your body after a few weeks.

It works slowly, but it is generally safe if not overused. Just because you do not see the results as soon as you would like does not mean you overdo it. Even DHEA can be hazardous if taken in unnecessarily large doses.

If you are already on some other drugs for medicinal purposes or steroids, you should discuss with your doctor whether taking DHEA is feasible for you. The research on DHEA has not been that exhaustive and we do not know if it might react with some drug. Therefore, it is always best to consult an expert before getting on the DHEA cycle.

Final Words

DHEA is a great supplement that can give your bodybuilding regimen the right kind of kick, especially if you are above 40. It is derived from natural sources and increases the production of testosterone. It is not only great for helping build muscles but also lose fat and help with problems like erectile dysfunction. For best results, use it adequately and take care of your diet too. At the end of the day, supplements only work when you follow a proper diet and give your 100% at the gym.