Winstrol Review – Benefits, Side Effects, Where to Buy in UK

Winstrol Review

Winstrol is the commercial name for the chemical Stanozolol, a dihydrotestosterone derivative. The anabolic steroid came into popularity around fifty years ago. First released in 1962, it has definitely had an interesting history. Winstrol found its resurgence again in recent years since people starting getting into bodybuilding without having to deal with major side effects. It has also shown versatility in its use over the years to treat certain conditions like angioedema.

That being said, Winstrol has ultimately shown to be especially useful for bodybuilding. The steroid, also nicknamed as Winny, has turned into one of the most commonly purchased steroids around the globe. With all this information out there, we should now be looking into deeper Winstrol review – it’s uses, benefits and side effects. So, here we go!

What is Winstrol?

As mentioned before, Winstrol, or Winny, refers to the drug Stanozolol, which is an altered form of DHT. We also refer to it as Stanol, Winnie, and Azolol. It was first invented as a way to treat weakened muscles. What makes it famous is that you can use it during a cutting cycle to retain muscle mass while simultaneously losing fat. It is also a great way to build bulk with the ideal muscle gain and minimal Winstrol

Even so, Winstrol does have a lot of side effects even with proper use. These include acne, increased blood pressure, and liver issues. That’s why safer alternatives like Winsol encourage you since you get to enjoy the benefits without having to deal with the risks. Ultimately, Winstrol is for bodybuilders who want a steroid option that gives them a competitive benefit.

The way bodybuilding works are that after bulking, a cutting period is important to get rid of the additional weight. Winstrol can alter this by reducing the cutting period. This is because it makes both the bulk and cut more effective – by giving people the ability to build lean muscle mass without gaining fat during the process.

Does It Actually Work?

The main thing people think about when looking into Winstrol is, does it actually work? And if it does, is it able to meet all the claims manufacturers’ layout, without any of the side effects? This is why it is important for us to do research and get the facts straight. Having said that, most steroid users and reviews clearly show that Winstrol definitely works, when dosed properly in a cycle.

Most people say that using Winstrol for both the cut and bulk period is effective. Some also especially prefer it during cutting since it lets them maintain their muscle mass while burning the fat, which is usually the hardest part of a cutting cycle for bodybuilders. The effects mentioned by the manufacturer do exist, which is understandable seeing the ingredients used in Winsol.

Benefits of Winstrol

Increased Blood Flow

A boost in your blood flow is beneficial because your body will get the energy it needs to do training more efficiently. Winstrol has the ability to make this happen by increasing the body’s nitric oxide levels. This means you get a boost of strength and performance during training.

Lean Body

This is the major positive effect and also the most sought after among people who decide to use Winstrol. The steroid is able to provide people with the chance to maintain their muscle mass while also reducing to get a leaner body mass overall.

Strength Gain

People tend to notice an increase in strength and stamina with Winstrol, which is impressive since improving both simultaneously, is a hard task to achieve. With more strength, your recovery time reduces, and stamina builds, which is why people are able to achieve more muscle growth and less fat.


Winstrol should always be used exactly as directed by trained professionals and medical physicians. You cannot prolong your cycle, and should not use more than what has been prescribed for you. Winstrol is available in two forms. One is its injectable version, and the other is in the form of tablets. For multiple reasons, most people who decide to use Winstrol choose to have the tablet form for more convenience and quicker action. It is also comparatively less invasive than a shot, and you manage to get all the benefits mentioned previously without any discomfort.

The daily dosage can and must be taken in a single sitting. For people that use tablets, the recommended dosage can range from 40mg to 80mg. In its injectable version, the doses will come to about 50mg to 100mg. A typical Winstrol cycle generally should be no longer than five weeks, but experienced bodybuilders do have the option to make their cycle last up to six weeks.

People who aim at using Winstrol for a prolonged period of time should focus on taking lower doses instead. As time goes by, you can finally go for a larger dosage. Even so, the dose should always fall within the recommended range. Most experts recommend that Winstrol be stacked with Anavar, Clenbuterol, and Trenbolone to achieve the ideal results.

Side Effects

It comes as no surprise that, just like any other steroid, Winstrol comes with its own set of side effects. For this reason, it is crucial to ensure you take Winstrol with caution. It is in your best interest to consult a medical professional before beginning any type of cycle that revolves around the use of Winstrol.


Some heart issues can occur in people who undergo negative effects due to fluid retention. Oedema has also been observed in patients who undergo anabolic steroids therapy.


Following chronic use or with large doses of Winstrol, we usually notice genitourinary issues. This can cause oligospermia and reduced ejaculatory volume in men. In women, side effects include deeper voices, excess hair, acne, and menstrual issues.


Liver issues like neoplasms and carcinomas can happen with prolonged therapy involving high anabolic steroid doses. Hepatitis, jaundice, and poor liver function can also happen at comparatively lower doses.

Who Is It For?

Winstrol is for beginners as well as pro bodybuilders who have managed to perfect their diet and training regimens to gain a competitive edge. It is also ideal for people that practice recreational workouts and are looking for better results.

While it was definitely true that Winstrol is made more for the cutting phase rather than the bulking period, you can still use it in your supplement routine without worrying about too many side effects. People who don’t have any diet or workout programs planned should not use the steroid.

Winstrol Law – Legal to Buy In UK?

With regard to the UK’s Drug Misuse Act, Winstrol has a label of class C drug. That means Winstrol is not legal for personal use. Supplying this steroid to anybody will be considered a crime.

While there are a lot of legal Winstrol substitutes available out there, bodybuilders and athletes can still buy Winstrol alternatives in the UK.

Buy Legal Winstrol Alternative – Winsol

Many gym users choose to rely on steroids like Winstrol too haphazardly. Even when they find out about the side effects, they still choose to use steroids thinking there isn’t any other choice. That’s why you should know about the safer alternatives out there.Legal Winstrol Alternative

Winsol by Crazy Bulk is a Winstrol supplement that works as a risk-free and legal option. It is produced using ingredients such as plant extracts that function similarly to Winstrol. Since it makes use of these natural ingredients, the side effects are typically reduced or avoided altogether.

A lot of bodybuilders choose not to use supplements since they believe they’re not good for their health. While this may be the case with some steroids, gaining strength just by working out will take more effort. With a safer alternative, you can take a chance at a better result with fewer risks.


In conclusion, Winsol is surely a great legal supplement and performance-enhancing option. It comes with its own pros, zero side effects and is produced using natural ingredients. Not only that, but the composition is totally legal. Bodybuilders, both athletic and recreational, will certainly enjoy the benefits this supplement has to offer. These effects include increased strength and stamina, increased testosterone levels, as well as better workout and training results. This may seem too good to be true, but it’s not.

The only potential risk with the Winsol is that it isn’t as effective as the original Winstrol drugs. But this isn’t really a big deal when you compare that with the potential health risks you get with using Winstrol itself. While it doesn’t suit everybody, Winsol works for almost every lifter out there. Ultimately, it proves itself to be a great steroid produced by a dependable manufacturer with great user reception. You can see for yourself by testing it out for a minimum of two months, and find out the results.